Image by Michael Ellis

Image by Michael Ellis

About Jade Ferguson

It has once been said we do not remember days; we remember moments. And for as long as I can remember, I have been toting a camera in an effort to capture these moments. 

I have always believed that to photograph a moment means to not only capture a subject in its natural state, but to preserve the emotion the experience creates. As a poetic and artistic expression of mine it has been my vision to capture images that facilitate time travel – a visceral return to the moment, long after its dissipation. This is the honour and privilege that the art of Photography bestows.

I have never subscribed to definition by category to represent my work. Instead I am called to capture Visual Poetry, most often through people, places, music and things. I am in love with love, in all its forms. I am a romantic. I believe in telling stories, I believe in the moments in between, and I observe perfection in imperfection as a creative construct. 

My work is all natural and available light based, with a gentle, hopefully (as opposed to hopelessly) romantic undercurrent. I love to consciously co-create imagery with clients. Contact me for more information.